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Dear Dr. Stobaugh,

Let me be very clear. I am telling this not to brag but to praise God for how He has blessed us. We give Him all the thanks and the glory! God has provided the wisdom, discernment, opportunities, patience, finances, etc. I am telling you this because I want to thank you for guiding us on an excellent path. We all learned academic excellence and respect for others in debating worldviews. My husband and I have not graduated with any college degrees. We love God and give Him the glory for guiding us in educating our children and we thank you for helping us with this also. I often spoke with you at the home school fair in Denver and immediately was drawn to the like-mindedness of what you had developed and what I wanted my children to learn. "For Such a Time As This" was my mantra from God. And then I saw it was yours also. I know my sons are here, as we all are, for such a time as this, and He told me early on what they would become in order to serve the Lord. I kept His promises in my heart. Your Rhetoric and Language Arts curriculums fulfilled everything in those areas that I wanted to teach my sons. I say this because your curriculum not only developed academic excellence, it taught them to THINK - to think about what they heard, read, and experienced - and then to EXPRESS what they thought. How can we debate intelligently if we do not study what the Bible says and what the people of the world have produced? It taught them to think about all the worldviews and see the excellence of Christianity. It taught them to write with purpose!

Thank you and God bless you, your family, and your endeavors.


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Greek and Latin Morphemes

Greek Morph
Greek Morphemes
Student & Teacher

Latin Morph
Latin Morphemes
Student & Teacher

About the Curriculum

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The Premise: Teen learners know much more than they realize – they just need instruction to realize what they know and/or to recognize when/how to access and use their existing knowledge.

The Process: Students work through a series of 12 lessons, each involving from 15 to 22 Greek morphemes, and each building on prior lessons. Each lesson includes learning activities of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, as well as practice in using contextual clues reading strategies. Lessons engage all three brain pathways: visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic. Creative lesson reviews and student-made study cards help firmly fix knowledge in memory.


The Program: Unlike typical vocabulary programs involving big words and big definitions, this program involves small word parts and small definitions, and then using those small word parts to analyze words and to construct word meanings. Learners find this approach more challenging, more fun, and more effective in producing lasting results

Within the Curriculum

Student Book:
Each lesson contains pages to:
• take notes
• work words
• create context clue sentences
• create words
• review by analyzing & matching created words with creative definitions
• make a set of self-review study cards

Instructions Book:
• Info on how lessons came to be developed
• Introduction to the learning theory behind lessons
• Outline of a weekly lesson plan for a learner
• For each lesson,
• list of morphemes and meaning
• with words to be analyzed and an answer key
• blackline transparency masters
• a set of created words to be analyzed
• matching possible definitions requiring creative thinking
• Tests and answer keys (with grading rubrics)
• BONUS: Color-coded review cards for each lesson

Instructions CD:
• Instruction: Lesson PowerPoints for inductive reasoning to meanings
• Self-Review: Lesson PowerPoints for interactive multiple-choice review
• Transparencies: A set to guide notes, assignments, working words, etc.

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- Dr. Stobaugh’s material, online courses, and instruction are NCAA compliant. -
- Likewise, his AP courses--syllabi, material, and assessment--are CollegeBoard audited (approved). -