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"By the way, my two friends who signed up their daughters for your distance learning this fall are already delighted with what they are reading in your texts. They have homeschooled all the way through and wanted to know why they hadn't found you sooner. I just told them that you were "for such a time as this" and smiled."

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In fact, if your student has 8 weeks he should merely do 8 chapters, one lesson/day. He can do it himself. He should not be concerned if he misses a question, or even disagrees with Dr. Stobaugh’s answers. That is the point - he his struggling with the content, with the questions, and this will enhance his scores. Warning: When the last SAT Exam is administered at the end of January, ALL OTHER SAT PREP COURSES WILL BE IRRELEVANT!

The New SAT is a VERY ambitious test.
• A whole new way to approach the essay, which will force students to think on their feet
• The inclusion of charts and graphs and the prohibition of calculator usage on some math questions


1) The oddity of combining these two items into a single category The current SAT section has reading sections and it has grammar sections. For the New SAT these two sections will be combined for the first time. Maybe it just looks odd because it’s never been done before.

2) Much of the New SAT Reading Section seems similar to the Current SAT Reading Section. Just as with the Current SAT, on the New SAT there are medium length reading passages (500- 750 words).

3) The College Boardhas also stated that there will always be one reading passage from the Founding Documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, or at least a passage that involves conversation about the Founding Documents. Adding this type of passage is a good idea. It’s always important for students to have knowledge of our history.

4) Here’s another big one: there are tricks on this test. This is particularly ironic because the College Board’s line is, “The SAT isn’t designed to trick you.”

5) Writing - think ACT! If I hadn’t been told this was the Writing section on the New SAT, I would have assumed that I was looking at an English section from the ACT. There is a tiny section on the Current SAT called Improving Paragraphs. This section is the closest section on the Current SAT to the Writing portion of the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section on the New SAT. On the Writing section of the New SAT students will determine whether sentences are awkward, whether sentences can be truncated, and whether sentences can be improved. Also, it seems that punctuation will be stressed more for the first time on the New SAT (again another area that the ACT has already been covering).


1) There are three parts of the new Math section: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math.

2) The New SAT will feature a much more focused set of math problems. In other words, the math categories covered will be limited. For example, some areas that will be tested are algebra, ratios, percentages, graphs and quadratic equations.

3) This is a tough test. No joke. My biggest concern is that, at least in the College Board samples, there don’t seem to be any simple questions.

4) The New SAT will retain the Student- Produced Response questions. These are the questions where students have to fill in a grid properly to get the right answer.


1) Overall, I find this to be a great section.

2) Why make it optional? Here are the major changes of the essay: Common Prompt From now on, the Essay will always use the same prompt.

3) Instead of the current SAT style essay, which asks students to create theses and then use examples to support those theses, the New SAT essay will not ask students to create theses. Instead students will be asked to evaluate different passages using the permanent prompt guidelines.

4) Much longer time (50 minutes instead of 25 minutes)

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