"I am "surrounded" by people who participate in an Options - program - one day a week of free classes provided by the school district. It has left me with a little difficulty remembering why I home school - I just know I would waver if it wasn't for your classes…The children both said that they do not want any one else to teach them Literature."
- Home School Mom

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The English Course that Answers “What’s It All About?” for Great Literature--and for Life

Skills for Literary Analysis equips junior/senior high school students to analyze classic literary genres, discern authors' worldviews, and apply biblical standards to theme and to content.  In classic parlance, this is a quintessential dialectic/logic level course that really does prepare students for later academic pursuits.

35 lessons present diverse writings-- from Shakespeare to Jack London, Lewis Carroll to Longfellow, Sir Walter Scott to C.S. Lewis.  Students analyze key elements of literature such as:
  • Allegory
  • Plot
  • Tone and Style
  • Narration
  • Theme
  • Dialogue
  • Humor, Satire and Irony
  • Character Development
  • Worldview
  • Setting
  • Drama and Suspense

During this course, students are able to:

  • Build vocabulary by using new words in every speech and essay
  • Learn to convey important ideas in writing and speaking
  • Improve written and verbal communication
  • Master grammar, punctuation, and spelling

Perhaps most crucial, Dr. Stobaugh scrutinizes all literature from a Christian Worldview. At the same time, the public speaking helps, writing helps, and thinking helps join forces to empower students to be effective Christian apologists.  In the steps of Augustine, Milton, and Lewis, Dr. Stobaugh invites students to analyze the classics with a keen, discerning eye to identify positive and negative components of literary worldviews emergent among the classics. This student-directed course offers supportive distance learning, a teaching DVD, and an informative webinar, so a student can successfully complete this course on his own, if the parent/teacher desires. Teaching plans provide assessment goals and evaluation tools to determine your student's progress.  While the course is flexible enough for any student, Dr. Stobaugh includes a track designed specifically to assure that special-needs learners gain the maximum possible benefit from this study.  In short, this course assures that all students are successful!

We recommend pairing our Skills for Literary Analysis with our Literary Analysis 8-10-minute Concept Builders and Warm-ups to reinforce weekly skills. Concept Builders use different critical thinking activities to highlight the most important concepts.  Warm-ups invite students to write a stimulating, skill- reinforcing essay every day.  Weekly, students can join a support class online, and, if the parents wish, can have their essays graded by Dr. Stobaugh himself!

Without a doubt, Skills for Literary Analysis resources equip every student for the exciting academic days that lay ahead!

Satisfies junior/high school English credit and provides options for elective credit.


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