"Stobaugh's books have been re-edited and enhanced with DVDs since I wrote the review for Top Picks. Titles have actually been simplified to World Literature, American Literature, British Literature, Skills for Literary Analysis, and Skills for Rhetoric. All of this makes these courses even better than they were!"

- Cathy Duffy

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Hello, Dr Stobaugh! Just wanted to let you know that my dad and I visited Grove City College this past Tuesday, and absolutely loved it! The academics also seem very rigid— I told several people about your recommendation and they appreciated the complement that you saw GCC grads at Harvard.

Thanks for the recommendation! I have no doubt that I’ll get accepted when I apply next fall, in part thanks to your SAT prep class (which garnered me high scores). :)

Hoping your summer is going well,


New Book: An African-American History


New Offering: Summer SAT/ACT Prep Webinars

Check out Dr. Stobaugh’s Book: Growing Up White

2015-2016 Writing Mentorships will include a weekly support seminar.  Check out:  Writing Mentorship.

SAT/ACT Seminar: Increase your SAT/ACT score: have Dr. Stobaugh, an SAT/ACT essay grader, conduct an ACT/SAT seminar.  $65/student, $150/family maximum, Dr. Stobaugh will administrate a real SAT /ACT, evaluate the SAT/ACT score, and offer specific test taking strategies.  Parents attend the seminar free! Contact Dr. Stobaugh directly if you are interested,