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A youth worker I interviewed recently shared a thing she does as a practice in her own life, and that she shares with teens. She calls it creating a "Life-giving List." She teaches kids that God is life, that He creates it and gives it and nourishes it, so the things that we enjoy doing, that bring us joy and life and energy, can be considered gifts from him as well as places to connect with him, as the author and giver of life. So she encourages them to keep a list of those things, big and small, so that when life gets them down they can look at it, remember and connect with God in that life-giving place he designed in them. So I have been noticing this, becoming more aware of it in myself, and watching for and encouraging it in my kids. As my daughter, ------, has begun to engage with the British Literature, History and SAT Prep Guides, I have absolutely seen her come alive. More than just about anything academic for too long. As a parent, this affirms for me that I heard and followed the leading of the Holy Spirit by attending your session at the MPE Conference in KC, then purchasing and planning on those 3 pieces for her study this year. And I hope that it encourages you as the one he used to manifest them. He knows what our kids need, how he created them, so it is glorious to listen and see what happens when he has guided us and met their need and then to see them living in their gifts, calling and how he created them to live. Everything about how these three studies are structured and work are in sync with her mind and how she works and what motivates and stimulates her. Wow. I am looking forward to seeing how the addition of the webinars will add to these already-amazing gifts.

Filled with gratitude and anticipation,


John 10:10 "The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

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History Curriculum
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Senior High History Curriculum

American History British History World History

Specifically designed to go with the High School Language Arts curriculum

About the Curriculum:

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This history course is broken down into daily reading and critical thinking exercises. By eliminating unnecessary reading loads and useless memorization, students are able to handle a full load of cross-curricular academics, learn independently, and progress at their own pace. Often, other curriculums choose a "core" subject and everything else is superfluous. The For Such A Time As This History and Language Arts curriculum complement each other ensuring no subjects are slighted yet still in manageable for the student. As a student reads literature, the History lessons contextualize the author and time period bringing greater insight into authors' ideologies and how historical events and individuals affect cultural trends. Students comes away knowing not only who, what, when, where, but now the WHY.

Authentically Christian: This History curriculum enables students to examine history through Biblical lenses and analyze how cultural trends and the history of Christianity interact. Biblical concepts are incorporated into all lessons in addition to studying significant Christian figures and their impact throughout history and society today. Your student's study of history will be a compelling and fascinating endeavor that challenges them to view the world with a Kingdom of God perspective.

Academically Rigorous: Move beyond the monotonous textbook to bring history alive!  In For Such A Time As This High School History program (updated in 2010), your students will become true history scholars by comprehensively examining the past in a stimulating manner. The author, Dr. James P. Stobaugh, compels students to dive into the significance of history and how it has shaped today's world. This program avoids tedious rote memorization, but instead engages students in profound exploration and rich understanding of historical figures, events, and times periods.

Exceptional Value: Our resources offer the highly distinguished material at an affordable price to support and enrich the family learning experience. We strive to insure that all our textbooks maintain a high quality for future reuse in the family. For Such A Time As This is a company dedicated to distributing only materials that are academically and Biblically sound, making it comfortable to trust students with any of our products.

I just wanted to thank you for recommending the Jr. High history book from Dr. Stobaugh.  I have Michael often read it out loud and it causes such amazing discussion about life issues and causes him to ask questions that are essential to our christian life, as happened today.  I am indebted to Dr. Stobaugh for making history interesting, but most of all for imbedding our christian values and principles into it to make it pertinent for our children, a true christian education!

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Product Review

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