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Good morning Jim,

I wanted to let you know that both D. and A. were encouraged after their telephone conversation with you. I covet your wisdom in knowing how to interact with 'students', each one with individual needs, and in the end each feels encouraged and motivated, ready to try again, and not corrected and downcast.

-A Mom

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Never in the history of a people, has there been such opportunity for a cultural demographic: the homeschool community, to affect, laudably, culture. Homeschooled students in increasing numbers are being admitted to college and awarded scholarships. Dr. Stobaugh regularly helps students to be admitted into highly competitive schools & receive substantial scholarships. As a certified master teacher, SAT essay evaluator, AP grader, Dr. Stobaugh is in a unique position to provide needed information, organization and accountability. Parents/students making this investment have reported tremendous returns.

The Plan

Students can receive free all of For Such a Time as this products: Courses ($14500), Mini-Courses ($2500), Jump Start Classes ($125), SAT/ACT Prep ($500), College Application Essay help ($250), and much more!

Parents may opt to make three payments (1/2 at registration, 1/4 & 1/4 payment within six months). A 15% service fee will be added.


I wanted to let you know that by God's providence, Evan is going to college this fall! To our great amazement, he was accepted by Princeton, Stanford, Dartmouth, University of Chicago, Washington University at St. Louis, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and waitlisted by Harvard.

Luke just found out he got a 2400 on the Oct SAT!!!! Thanks for all of your help. He will be going to Princeton. Hannah scored 2250 and will be going to Brown. Thanks for your help!

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- Dr. Stobaugh’s material, online courses, and instruction are NCAA compliant. -
- Likewise, his AP courses--syllabi, material, and assessment--are CollegeBoard audited (approved). -