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Maddie made 36 in Reading and 36 in English. Grayson made a 36 in English and a 35 in English! I think you have bragging rights! Thank you again for all of your help.

Thank you, Dr. Stobaugh for what you are doing.

Bless you!

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I wanted to let you know that by God's providence, Evan is going to college this fall! To our great amazement, he was accepted by Princeton, Stanford, Dartmouth, University of Chicago, Washington University at St. Louis, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and waitlisted by Harvard.

Jim, FYI only, my son David retook the SAT in November and got an 800 in the writing section. That works! He only got a pair of 5s on the essay and missed one of the other questions, but the math geniuses said it was an 800.But hey, when a kid gets an 800, even I stop mailing in their essays for evaluation and let them move on to face the college profs. My friend thank you for your help!

I wanted you to be the first to know that I was accepted to Wheaton College, class of 2018!! I am looking forward to (God Willing) attending there. Thank you so much for preparing me academically, so much of my success in applying is due to you and your mentorship. I am deeply appreciative of all that you have done to develop me as a writer, and as an individual. God has been so good!

Luke just found out he got a 2400 on the Oct SAT!!!! Thanks for all of your help. He will be going to Princeton. Hannah scored 2250 and will be going to Brown. Thanks for your help!

Claire did very well on her AP Lang test, scoring a 5. (AP Economics was a 4) She also did well on her SAT, scoring an 800 on the verbal, 740 on the math, and 700 on the writing. (She was disappointed with the writing score). She plans to apply to Princeton and the University of Chicago next Fall. (As well as Furman, Hillsdale, Patrick Henry, USC Honors, and Wofford). She came in 4th place nationally in Team Policy Debate this year. Thank you!

By God's grace, Marisa will be joining her brother at Princeton in the fall. Yan and are are thrilled. Thank you so much for your help!

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