Would Charlotte Mason approve of my SAT Prep Course (1998, 2005) – 3

Our children do not have to know how to solve quadratic equations to do well on the math portion of the SAT. Some algebra and basic geometry is helpful, but I have found that the key to high performance on the math portion is the same as it is on the verbal portion: critical thinking. Thus, best scores come from individuals who think well–even if their math skills are average.

The SAT is admittedly a flawed exam but it is still the most frequent resource colleges–secular and Christian–utilize to offer admission and financial aid. What should a Christian student do to prepare for the SAT that non-Christians would not do? In Daniel 1:17-21 we see that young Daniel is a prisoner. He also is the King’s most trusted advisor. He is in Babylon, but he is no Babylonian. God is using Babylon to make Daniel more effective for Him. The college experience for many of our children represents a time of training in Babylon. It is a time to take a stand for Him in an alien culture. At the end of this century, being an alien in a culture that is increasingly non-Christian is the lot that has fallen to many of our children. Will they be up for it? Preparation for the SAT could be a helpful training ground.

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