With General Motors fresh out of bankruptcy new GM CEO Robert A Lutz promises to turn around GM by changing its image. He wants Americans to think it is “uncool” to drive an import.

Indeed. I think, personally, I might buy a new GM when it can match the durability, price, dependability, and efficiency of my Toyota Prius. I hate to say this, because it is so un-American, I don’t really think cars and boats and candy bars have an “image” that makes me want to buy or not to buy them. Hey, GM, I’m sorry, that is the heart beat of America.

If I was to buy American, and I might, I think I would buy Ford, though. They were gutsy enough to stay steady when other unnamed auto companies had bail outs. But, what do I know. Obviously I am a card carrying, radical, dangerous, Fox News Channel Junkie terrorist. What do I know?

You know we have been trying to do this for awhile. Terrorists are not terrorists anymore, they are religious fundamentalists. Like I suppose my Amish friends who are religious fundamentalists? Not! My Amish friends might not want my son to marry their daughters but they won’t drive a horse cart into my house and blow up my family, will they? No, Islamic Terrorists are Islamic Terrorists. Period.

We don’t fornicate anymore either. We “live together” or we “cohabitate” or we “sleep together.” We don’t murder unborn children—we abort them. ; We end pregnancies.

No comment.

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