Public School – Part 3

It amazes me how absent the church is from this school. Virtually no one attends church anymore. 2000+ community. There are churches all around us but they have no impact on this school. Why?

Hey, I am a pastor. I know that my fellow pastors want to impact this school. I know this school wants to be impacted. Os Guinness warns us that sacrosanct institutions (e.g., public schools) will become dysfunctional in the years ahead. How right you are, Dr. Guinness!

What an opporutnity for the Body of Christ! There are fewer obstacles to the Christian witness than we really understand. We can pray. We can hold receptions for teachers off campus. We can have trainings for staff. We can have breakfasts for students. We can honor administrators. All in the name of Christ. Why don’t we?

Write me and tell me what you think And remember to pray for me.

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