Public Education: How the Mighty Have Fallen – Part 2

No, the real problem is not the schools. It is American secular society. And the absence of an extant, efficacious, functioning American family system.

I would love to teach grammar and so forth but the fact is classroom culture sabotages most pedagogy.

The children are adorable, more victim than perpetrator. Some children like to put their lover’s names on their essays. They are only children in complicated, mostly destructive, relationships with other people. 50% are having oral sex! Yet I can see precious few long term, family relationships. I don’t mean the beneficent neglect like some parents manifest to my children. I mean destructive cycles–like abandonment, physical and sexual abuse. It is all there. Mary Lou teased by her on and off again mom. Bobby abandoned by his mom and her boyfriend. Micky beat up by his dad.

But there is Melissa. Once a week she meets with about 12 students for a Bible study. I observed that she and her friends are openly persecuted by most students and by some faculty. I met Frank, a faithful follower of Jesus Christ who also is a public school teacher. Melissa and Frank deserve our prayers.

Home schoolers, public schools are not full of Godless, immoral brigands. By and large, public schools are humane, sincere, if ineffectual, institutions trying to accomplish the same goals we home schoolers are trying to accomplish. But they are failing, we know that. “Public education” is an oxymoron. Education is the most intimate and valuable of experiences and occurs best in the crucible of a family. Ineffectiveness has forced public education to embrace mediocrity with reckless abandon.

But that is not our business. Judgement is not our vocation. We need only to cry out to God for public education! 47.7 Public School students. 2.5 million graduates this year alone. Saints, there were 47.7 of them and 4.9 of us. We need to cry out for our public school friends and family members! They are not the enemy. Let not the enemy rejoice “in the streets of Ashkelon (a pagan goddess), lest the daughters of the Philistines be glad, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised rejoice.” Home schoolers cry out and intercede in prayer for the public schools of this country!

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