Meet Peter Stobaugh – Part 2

Guys, we all begin the same way. This decision to marry is a silent stirring, not quite palpable, but very present and very pleasant. Excitement and nervousness comes hand in hand with treading this unknown land. Select moments we embrace it with written notes and time wasted just talking. At times we want to repudiate it. Proclamations of “no way” or “maybe someday” are tranquilizers to coup de grace the beast within that is about to shred our singularity with a four letter word: Love. When it’s out, well, as they say, it’s out. The beast then begins to pull you.

Being pulled in some unknown direction is the origin of where humans begin to dig their heals in and decide to take the ride or leave. Like a child in line for the fantastic roller coaster, the three-hour wait has seemed to take half a lifetime, but now it is time to get aboard. Anticipation has fully blossomed after narrowly clearing the height requirement by illicitly rocking up onto his toes. Standing, watching as person after person sits in the mouth of this steel monster and is spewed out minutes later. Some excited, some green, some wrought in pure terror, all stumble for the exit. But, now reaching the end of the wait, lies before him a cold seat with a smooth bar overhead that is about to about to clamp down on his reflectively frail life.

Marriage is a roller coaster. We see our parents, grandparents, and peers reach the end with many different feelings. Some still in love, some broken, some with everything, some left wasted with nothing. Analogous to my engagement, making rings conspicuous, making commitment-laden decisions has accentuated Rutherford’s, Wilson’s, and my different lenses to view this decision. This is a story of what I’ve witnessed. (Peter Stobaugh)

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