Christian home schooling, then, moves backward in time, far back in time, when intellectualism was not separate from religion. It blows the claims of the Enlightenment to bits. Home schooling has brought back stability into the lives of countless millions of America when the majority of Americans are living in a context of clashing realities where (as sociologist Kenneth J. Gergen explains “the very ground of meaning, the foundations and structures of thought, language, and social discourse are up for grabs.” When the very concepts of personhood, spirituality, truth, integrity, and objectivity are all being demolished, breaking up, giving way, home schoolers are doing things the old fashion way: parents stay home and love the kids and in the process lay their lives down for all our futures.

Theologian Paul Tillich wrote, “The lightning illuminates all and then leaves it again in darkness. So faith in God grasps humanity, and we respond in ecstasy. And the darkness is never again the same, . . . but it is still the darkness.”

All of God’s saints—past, present, and future—are flashes of of lightning in the sky. And the darkness is never the same again because the light reveals what life can be in Jesus Christ. “Memory allows possibility,” theologian Walter Brueggemann wrote. We home schooling parents bring memory. Our young people bring possibility. And Jesus Christ remains the Way, the Truth and the Life!

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