In the Face of Danger

When Karen and I considered the Ku Klus Klan threat to my family in 1994, we seriously considered options open to us and decided that we would not allow anything to cause us to retreat. No, we wanted our children to see us stand firm under the protection of Almighty God. And we wanted to let them hear that no matter what others might do–over 200plus people attend the KKK rally–we would never give into evil. We wanted to model behavior that would show our kids that standing firm for what was right was more important than being safe.

The American Robert Frost, in his poem “West-Running Brook,” writes:

What does it think it’s doing running West
When all the other country brooks flow east
To reach the ocean? It must be the brook
Can trust itself to go by contraries
The way I can with you . . .

I shared this poem with my wife Karen when we were dating. Then, and now, I feel that it is a prophetic word for our lives–that God was calling us to be a West running brook–it it is the right direction to go–even it it is an East running world.

I am asking you this Christmas to take a stand for Christ. To show the world that you will not be intimidated, persuaded, or moved by what the “world” tells you is right–but you will only stand on the Word of God.

Come let us glorify the Lord a nd proclaim His name forever . . .Merry Christmas!

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