Homeschooling in the New Millenium

This generation is the first home schooling generation to graduate from high school in such large numbers and ability. You are the first–the first of many to follow. You are our hope. We parents have struggled, suffered, but, most of all, enjoyed every minute with you. You are our joy; our hope. You are the reason that we are full of joy today. Let me explain.

Admittedly, you are the first generation who grew up when murder was legal; the first generation to access 130 channels and at the same time access almost nothing of value; the first generation to see a nation and Congress accept a U.S. President for lying, infidelity, and perversion with no perceivable outrage. That is the challenge, the bad news as it were.

The good news is, at the end of this century, to a large degree the homeschooling movement has arrived. That is good news indeed to a nation that needs desperately what you offer.

1.7 million strong, homeschoolers are in almost every county in America. You, will, without a doubt, be the next successful business people, craftsmen, and professionals. Within a few years you will, I believe, become leaders in our society. Besides the fact that homeschoolers are scoring higher on almost all standardized tests, you are also better adjusted emotionally and spiritually than the general population. I believe that most of you will move to the head of graduating classes of the most prestigious Christian and secular universities in America. You will become leaders in government and industry. The Christian community has not had such an opportunity to influence civil society since the time of Constantine. This is a great opportunity and challenge!

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