Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SAT I?

The SAT 1 is an aptitude test not an achievement or intelligence test. It does not measure your information acquisition or assimilation skills. It measures your potential success in college, but it has absolutely nothing to do with your worth in God’s eyes.

Nevertheless, it is an important test, particularly for homeschoolers who do not have diplomas from an accredited school. It is the most common resource on which college ? both secular and Christian ? base their offers rs of admission and financial aid. Although most students can get into college even with low SAT scores, financial aid and scholarships will be more readily available for those students with higher

SAT scores.

The SAT 1 has 138 questions, and is divided into two sections ? verbal and math. There are five thirty-minute segments and two fifteen-minute segments. The two sections are scored separately on a scale of 200 to 800 for a possible totally of 1600. Fewer than ten percent to students score above 1300.

The verbal section consists of analysis questions, vocabulary questions (based on context), comparison questions (based on reading passages), and reading comprehension. The math section consists of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, quantitative comparisons, and grid-ins.

Should I Take Practice Sat I Tests?

Yes. YES! YES!!! I recommend you take a mock SAT every two months during your preparation. SATs can be obtained from the author at:

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510 Swank Road
Hollsopple, PA 15935
Phone: (814) 479-7710

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