ACT Test Taking Strategies: English

English Test Strategies

 First, thakfully, spelling, vocabulary, and verbatim recall of rules of grammar aren’t tested.  In fact, the test consists of five prose passages, each one accompanied by multiple-choice test questions. Different passage types–history, science, literature, music– are included to provide variety.
 Some questions refer to underlined portions of the passage and offer several alternatives to the underlined portion. You must decide which choice is most appropriate in the context of the passage. Do not read the questions before you read the passage.  Memorize the “type” questions that you will encounter before you take the exam.  Then, during your active reading experience (mark it up!) you should naturally identify possible questions.
 Some questions ask about an underlined portion, a section of the passage, or the passage as a whole. You must decide which choice best answers the question posed.
 Many questions include “NO CHANGE” to the underlined portion or the passage as one of the choices.

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