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Good morning Jim,

I wanted to let you know that both D. and A. were encouraged after their telephone conversation with you. I covet your wisdom in knowing how to interact with 'students', each one with individual needs, and in the end each feels encouraged and motivated, ready to try again, and not corrected and downcast.

-A Mom

Dr. Stobaugh's Blog
AP Courses

Dr. Stobaugh offers the following CollegeBoard audited (approved) courses: (see schedule below)

No Product Image AP US History $900.00
No Product Image AP Psychology $900.00

Students will be required to write at least one 1-2 page essay/per week as well as attend (or view) scheduled webinars (or archives). Most students benefit from taking the following combinations:

  • American Literature and AP US History
  • British Literature and AP European History
  • World Literature and AP World History

Most of Dr. Stobaugh’s AP English Literature and Composition students take American, British, or World Literature as AP credit. AP English Language and Composition, because of the paucity of reading requirements is often taken by juniors (as preparation for the SAT/ACT) along with another AP Course.

For example, a junior could take:

  • American Literature
  • AP US History (3-6 hours)
  • AP English Lang & Comp (3-6 hours)

Many of Dr. Stobaugh’s students finish high school with 24-30 college credits. AP credits are exponentially better credits than dual enrollment and CLEP credits!

Mondays Beginning August 20, 2018
World Literature 9:00 AM EST
Skills for Rhetoric 10:00 AM EST
American Literature 11:00 PM EST
Skills for Literary Analysis 12:30 PM EST
AP US History 2:00 PM EST
AP US Govt & Politics 3:00 PM EST
Skills for Language Arts 4:00 PM EST
British Literature 5:00 PM EST

Tuesdays Beginning August 21, 2018
AP English Literature & Comp 10:00 AM EST (Meets online bi-weekly)
AP Lang & Comp 11:00 PM EST (Meets online bi-weekly)
AP World History 12:30 PM EST (Meets online bi-weekly)
AP European History 2:00 PM EST (Meets online bi-weekly)

There are many other options out there for writing mentorship and online courses. But they are often taught by teacher assistants and other non-professionals. However, I teach all my webinars: I present the lectures, I answer questions, and I evaluate all essays.

Latest Offering: AP Summer School
Students will have access to webinars all year and will write 8 essays per course and submit 1 essay/month Sept-March. In April students will take 4 practice AP exams. This is a perfect way for Classical Conversation, Sonlight, Veritas, etc. students to get AP CREDIT.

Beginning in 2018:
AP Capstone Seminar (Year 1)
AP Capstone Seminar (Year 2)

info@forsuchatimeasthis.com - Phone: (814) 479-7710

- Dr. Stobaugh’s material, online courses, and instruction are NCAA compliant. -
- Likewise, his AP courses--syllabi, material, and assessment--are CollegeBoard audited (approved). -